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A few years ago, we put forth our vision into a diverse and ambitious program that we believe will prepare our company to achieve the goals of Vision 2030. We believe it will enable us to become a true catalyst for development and it will allow us to contribute into building a better future for our great nation. 

To fully realize this vision, we had to acquire and develop new businesses that would provide us with a sharper focus on emerging developing industries that are needed by the domestic as well as the international market in a way that does not hinder the continued success of our core business. 


The groundworks and the foundations in all of our companies alongside all of our subsidiaries in the fields of trading, contracting, manufacturing and other various fields keep on expanding, which in turn generates the bulk of our revenues. We have already started reaping the benefits of some of the large projects that we have started to implement. 

Now with the launch of Emkan Holding Company, which is built on the strength of its companies with more than fifty five years of experience as well as the strength of our current and future local and international partners, we can - with confidence - say that we can "make it possible." 



We Make
It Possible

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